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  • sh****ry
    Way different experience but loved it!! Ability to change directions and speed is great.

    Would recommend using lube especially if uncut, makes for a much smoother and more enjoyable session.

    Will definitely be using this often!!!

    Great for yourself or with a partner:)
  • D****l
    This is probably one of the best toys I’ve gotten. It feels amazing and is so easy to clean up with the detachable sleeve. It’s fun to play around with the different speeds and directions. I highly recommend this product.
  • S****r
    Its fun, but doesn't fully get me there. There's an adjustment to it for sure. Overall that's just me and would recommend to people.
  • Da****rr
    I've used other strokers before and was looking forward to trying this one from Loveorl. Well, here's the low down... It's just as advertised. It is a two piece unit, the power in one and the cup is the other. It only took about 10 minutes to fully charge. The cup is very soft and pliable but I will advise if you are less than average is size you may be disappointed in the results. I highly recommend using a lube. the rotations is quite different and the bi-directional is different. One thing I did find as a negative is the power unit gets quite warm within a short time. Over all I have to say I would recommend this stroker. Video unboxing coming soon.
  • G****B
    Things pretty sweet. Do wish it was a bit longer though.
  • J****n
    Pretty great toy, with all the different speed and rotating options you’ll be in complete ecstasy. Wouldn’t compare it to an actual blowjob but definitely a lot of fun. Be careful with how much lube you use as it can get messy (unless your into that ;)). I’m on the smaller side so I wish it was a tighter fit, but it makes for a great edging session, just turn it on and enjoy the ride for the next hour or so!
  • J****B
    Easy to clean as its detachable, the cup feels soft and squishy, good for edging sessions, and easy to charge
  • M****S
    This product comes in discrete packaging which is great for this kind of purchase. Easy to set up for charging and use. The cup and the body are separate so you can clean the cup easily before and after use. Feels good to use. The nodules inside provide good massage and sensation on both the shaft and the head depends on how deep you insert. The entrance is a bit big for me so it wasn't snug or tight but it still performs well and gets the job done.
  • S****a
    My friend suggested this toy a few times and I finally got to try it no wow.
    I don’t usually buy toys but this just opened me up to a new way of pleasure.
    The material is soft and stimulating.
    It’s perfect to kick back and relax.
    The top is detachable so it’s easy to clean.

    It’s a great find
  • Ni****ez
    I love the texture of the toy and the different speeds of the rotation. There are also different modes.
  • J****o
    Not bad, it’s different which is good
  • R****C
    Power tool crossed with sex toy! This bidirectional cup has three speeds and four different programs. This is a different kind of sex toy that is close to hands free. As a person with limited mobility I highly recommend this product. If you can hold the toy and press buttons it will do the rest.
  • Ty****ee
    Pretty great and fun experience. The material feels great and the different modes are stimulating. I do not regret this purchase
  • M****S
    Awesome product especially for the price. Really nice and soft material. Has multiple speeds and changes direction. Felt great and highly recommend.
  • J****a
    Toy is pretty great overall. I love that you can take the head off and clean it without having to get the base wet. Feels great on my knob. Can’t ask for anything more!
  • H****s
    Product came neatly packaged. Instructions were straight forward and it was already charged! I love the settings on it. The reversible rotation feature makes a huge difference. If I could change one thing it would be how deep and how tight the “mouth piece” is.
  • M****D
    This thing is wild. 3 speeds and 4 rotation types make for a lot of fun and variety. The feel is awesome too. Well worth the purchase.
  • Z****e
    The material and soft and stretchy! It’s an amazing feeling that I’ve never felt before and the sensation is just amazing! Love this toy and would recommend it for sure!!
  • I****e
    Straight forward use, easy to clean, fun toy. Great option if you are looking for something outside of the realm of your average masturbator, pretty powerful.
  • Se****ro
    Easy to use, perfect for edging and feels great. The different speeds and the fact that it turns clockwise and counterclockwise makes all a difference. Nice product!